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Information Technology Job

Information Technology

United States Location

Dayton - Springfield
USA Metropolitan Area

Competitive Position® Salary Report

Salary Average


Experience Requirement

4 Years and 3 Months

Raise +1 Year

$3,560 at 5.00%

Salary and Number of Jobs

Graph of succeeding salary information

About Salary and Jobs

Salary Range :

At required Experience of 4 Years & 3 Months: $71,167 is Salary average; 50% of Jobs pay between $58,956 & $83,378; and, 5% of Jobs top $100,980.

Number of Jobs :

Most Jobs are available closest to the Salary Average.

Fewer Jobs are available at Lower and Higher Salaries.

Salary End Points :

$15,080 = minimum wage annual salary in the USA.

$187,699 = annual salary for the highest paying IT Job in the USA at the Top 2.5% Experience and Top 2.5% Salary.

Top Salaries

Top Percentile of Job market Top Salary
2.5% $106,712
5% $100,980
10% $94,383
25% $83,378
33% $78,964
50% $71,167
Top Percentile of Job Market =

Number of Jobs Above the Top Salary
Number of all Jobs at 4 Years and 3 Months Experience.

Salary Range and Jobs

Percentage of Jobs within Salary Lows and Highs
Percent of Job Market Salary Range
Low Salary High Salary
10% $68,893 $73,442
25% $65,400 $76,935
33% $63,370 $78,964
50% $58,956 $83,378
67% $53,649 $88,686
95% $35,622 $106,712
Salary Average =


Mid Point between each Low/High pair.

Percent of Job Market =

Number of Jobs with Salary between Low/High pair
Number of all Jobs at 4 Years and 3 Months Experience.

= and

Salary and Experience

Graph of succeeding salary information

Salary ±1 Year

Experience Salary Average Raise +1 Year
3 Years and 3 Months $66,853 $4,315 at 6.45%
4 Years and 3 Months $71,167 $3,560 at 5.00%
5 Years and 3 Months $74,727 $3,031 at 4.06%

About Salary and Experience

Salary by Year :

Salary is lowest at entry level, increases rapidly with the first years of experience and approaches a ceiling as experience matures.

Salary and Experience Range :

Salary average rises with experience: $53,867 at the low experience of 1 Year and 3 Months; $74,727 at the average experience of 5 Years and 3 Months; and, $84,994 at the top experience of 9 Years and 4 Months.

Experience End Points :

0 = Entry Level.

11 Years and 1 Month = Top 2.5% Experience in the IT Job with the highest required experience in the USA.

Salary and Experience Range

95% of Jobs require Experience between the Low and Top



An Information Technology Professional is involved in the design, development, administration and/or support of digital interactive services delivering written language, numeric data, graphic display, sound and/or device control in a business, government or consumer environment.

A division of labor within the profession has created numerous specialist occupations within the broad categories of software applications, system operation, data storage, network communication and user presentation.


Professional Opportunities
Application Developer,
29% of job descriptions;
Lead Application Developer,
4% of job descriptions;
System Professional,
18% of job descriptions;
Lead System Professional,
1% of job descriptions;
Database Professional,
9% of job descriptions;
Business System Professional,
37% of job descriptions;
Information Technology Director,
2% of job descriptions;
Oracle - Application Developer,
30% of job descriptions;
Oracle - Database Professional,
5% of job descriptions;
Microsoft SharePoint - Server Professional,
5% of job descriptions;
SAP - Application Professional,
5% of job descriptions;
Java with JDBC/SQL Database and JSF/JSP/HTML/XML UI - Developer,
4% of job descriptions.


Dayton - Springfield, OH:

Avondale, Beavercreek, Clark, Dayton, Fairborn, Greene, Huber Heights, Kettering, Miami, Moraine, Northridge, Page Manor, Piqua, Springfield, Trotwood, Troy, Vandalia, West Carrolton City and Xenia.

These locations are all included in the Dayton, OH metropolitan area as defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB).