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Information Technology Job

Java Developer on
J2ME - Embedded -
- Google Android - Mobile Platform

United States Location

United States of America
Metropolitan Areas

Competitive Position® Salary Report

Salary Average


Experience Requirement

4 Years and 7 Months

Raise +1 Year

$4,540 at 5.33%

Salary and Number of Jobs

Graph of succeeding salary information

About Salary and Jobs

Salary Range :

At required Experience of 4 Years & 7 Months: $85,245 is Salary average; 50% of Jobs pay between $71,032 & $99,458; and, 5% of Jobs top $119,925.

Number of Jobs :

Most Jobs are available closest to the Salary Average.

Fewer Jobs are available at Lower and Higher Salaries.

Salary End Points :

$15,080 = minimum wage annual salary in the USA.

$187,699 = annual salary for the highest paying IT Job in the USA at the Top 2.5% Experience and Top 2.5% Salary.

Top Salaries

Top Percentile of Job market Top Salary
2.5% $126,580
5% $119,925
10% $112,258
25% $99,458
33% $94,321
50% $85,245
Top Percentile of Job Market =

Number of Jobs Above the Top Salary
Number of all Jobs at 4 Years and 7 Months Experience.

Salary Range and Jobs

Percentage of Jobs within Salary Lows and Highs
Percent of Job Market Salary Range
Low Salary High Salary
10% $82,597 $87,893
25% $78,531 $91,959
33% $76,169 $94,321
50% $71,032 $99,458
67% $64,857 $105,633
95% $43,910 $126,580
Salary Average =


Mid Point between each Low/High pair.

Percent of Job Market =

Number of Jobs with Salary between Low/High pair
Number of all Jobs at 4 Years and 7 Months Experience.

= and

Salary and Experience

Graph of succeeding salary information

Salary ±1 Year

Experience Salary Average Raise +1 Year
3 Years and 7 Months $79,807 $5,438 at 6.81%
4 Years and 7 Months $85,245 $4,540 at 5.33%
5 Years and 7 Months $89,785 $3,897 at 4.34%

About Salary and Experience

Salary by Year :

Salary is lowest at entry level, increases rapidly with the first years of experience and approaches a ceiling as experience matures.

Salary and Experience Range :

Salary average rises with experience: $51,933 at the low experience of 8 Months; $85,245 at the average experience of 4 Years and 7 Months; and, $99,890 at the top experience of 8 Years and 6 Months.

Experience End Points :

0 = Entry Level.

11 Years and 1 Month = Top 2.5% Experience in the IT Job with the highest required experience in the USA.

Salary and Experience Range

95% of Jobs require Experience between the Low and Top
Experience Salary Average Raise +1 Year
Low 8 Months $51,933 $12,950 at 24.94%
Average 4 Years and 7 Months $85,245 $4,540 at 5.33%
Top 8 Years and 6 Months $99,890 $2,758 at 2.76%



This position involves designing system software and/or applications for mobile devices, game consoles, electronic appliances, computer peripherals and/or other microcontrollers.


The qualifications of this information technology Job:
  • Java;
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Embedded, Game Console, Google Android, Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME), Mobile Computing or Microcontroller;
  • Developer,
    Analyst, Automate, Code, Customize, Database Developer, Design, Develop, Enhance, Modify, Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Revise, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Sun Certified Java Programmer, Update or Write Code.


A+ Skills
Additional IT skills and US Cities requested in some job descriptions:
6% of job descriptions,
Project Leader, Project Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader or Technical Lead;
Graduate Degree,
22% of job descriptions,
Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, MA/MS in Information Technology, MA/MS in Information Science, Master of Arts Degree, Master of Science Degree or Ph.D.;
Google Android,
50% of job descriptions;
Research In Motion Blackberry,
35% of job descriptions;
Qualcomm BREW MP (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless),
24% of job descriptions;
19% of job descriptions;
24% of job descriptions;
37% of job descriptions;
11% of job descriptions;
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA,
38% of jobs;
Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, CA,
15% of jobs;
Boston-Worcester-Lawrence-Lowell-Brockton, MA-NH,
11% of jobs.


United States of America